Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Walk in the Park

Per Jackson's request we went on a walk last Sunday. He came and asked, "Mom is it Fall yet?" I told him yes and he than asked if we could go to the river and walk down where all the wooly worms come out in the Fall. How could we say no. We did this a few times last year and obviously it was a good memory. These are the things our children will remember us for. Little moments that mean enough to them to store in their little memory banks.

Spitting in the river

Vaughn thinks he is a big boy now and should be allowed to climb up on the railing all by himself.

We quickly realized that the dock may not be the best place for Vaughn. He would have jumped right over into the river.

I had to get in one picture. I realized I am usually the one behind the camera. Better get in a few pictures so my kids can look back on them someday and see Mommy.

Crazy kids, nervous Mom

Poster Boy - I love the special shots that just capture the child. Isn't he beautiful.
The Love of My Life - So glad he loves me back

Cutie Pie. He loved digging in the rocks. I am not sure how many he may have eaten but I took a lot out of his mouth. Look how happy he is though. To a boy there is nothing better than a pile of rocks and dirt.