Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Some shots from our weekend

First of all we had the baby on Wednesday. That was fun and exciting. We made a Friday night appearance at our Bible study. Saturday Jordyn and Jackson had soccer games, followed promptly by birthday parties for my two 3 year old nephews (which I attended by myself with Jordyn, Jackson and Vaughn while Aaron went to the airport with Lucy), then the SoCal in-laws flew in to see the newest Edewards baby, followed by an impromptu birthday party for Jordyn that Aaron put together. Sunday we made it to church (only 10 minutes late), went to lunch to celebrate Aaron's mom's birthday (that is the same day as Jordyn and Little Vaughn), then we made an end of summer visit to the downtown fountains. Whew!

The New Little Guy just a few hours old
Jackson all smiles as he comes off the field for a break. He loves soccer so much and said he wishes he could have a game every day. Their team is the Colts and they are currently 3-0. 
Jackson and teammate Johnny on their way to score another goal.
Sportsmanship. Jackson spends a lot of time on the field conversing with his own teammates and also the other team. It is so cute how social he is while he plays.
The birthday party. Waiting for hot dogs to be served.
Jackson loves his little brother. He sat at the party for at least half an hour holding vaughn while the other kids played.
Opening gifts was fun for all, even Aunt Janine. I think she may be having the most fun.
The birthday boys and their cakes. Dominic had a dinosaur eating his cars and Max had a volcano surrounded by dinosaurs. Props to my sisters and their wonderful hand made cakes.
Grandpa Vaughn and Grandma Pam meet Little Vaughn for the first time. 
Jordyn's birthday party. My little girl is 8. How can that be?

Her love of horses has not dwindled. She wanted a horse cake and is delighted with a new horse form her aunt Judy. She is finally getting some experience with real horses and it is not making her dreams of owning her own go away. Grampy and grammy bought her horse back riding lessons for her birthday and she loves it. 
The fountains. Lucy wanted to dive right in even though it was freezing cold.
Jordyn has a bit of a cold so she stayed her distance from the water.
My poor Jackson. He spent his time on the bench watching Lucy play after running through the fountains with his shoes on after being told not to. Look at that sad, remorseful face.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Lucy-too cute to be missed

Sometimes really cute photos get missed. As I was looking back over September, there were some of Lucy that I just had to put up.

BBQ rib night samples from Grampy
Laying in Baby Vaughn's hospital bassinet
I know, I know. Everyone has a bad hair day once in a while.
Look at my Pony slippers
A little dirt never hurt anyone
Too good to leave a single drop

The First Few Days With Vaughn Rockwell Edewards

Loving Four Children:

Love is patient... when all four children are crying
Love is kind... when teaching the hard lessons to learn
Love is not rude... in training the children together
Love is not self-seeking... in the choices we make for them
Love is not easily angered... when the little ones sin
Love keeps no record of wrongs... at all
Love rejoices in the truth... when they choose wisely
Love always protects... from the things of this world
Love always trusts... that God is in charge
Love always hopes... that our training will lead them to the Lord
Love always perseveres... when hormones are raging and Vaughn is crying and Lucy is destroying the house and Jackson is fighting with the neighbor boy and Jordyn won't quit asking for whatever she has already asked for 10 times today!!!!!!

Big Hug

So I was sitting around sort of gloomy like the weather and Vaughnie was working quietly with his advanced calculus he likes so much. Well, my little genius looked over and must have seen the look on my face. Sure enough he came right over and gave me a big hug.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Favorite Photo Friday

Can't beat this. Every now and then (at least for me who isn't one of those camera experts) you get one of those photos that almost makes you cry. Well, in this case I did cry.
 Vaughn and Daddy Bonding

My Birthday Present

Look What I Got!?;(
My little girl turned 8 on September 24, 2008, the same day her little brother chose to grace us with his presence. Poor Jordyn. She tried so hard to be excited but deep down in her heart she was a little disappointed and concerned that her birthday would no longer be special. She also shares it with her Grandma Pam (not as intimidating). She was treated like a princess this year. Grandma Jan bought her horseback riding lessons and Daddy took her horseback riding on the beach. She got to choose where she wanted to go to breakfast and what she wanted for dinner. So she was happy. Sharing with Vaughn doesn't seem as bad as it did the day of. So Happy Belated Birthday Jordyn.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Welcome Vaughn

Well I am exhausted, but I wanted to let you know the boy has arrived, he is healthy as a horse, and Jackson won the "guess the weight" contest. Vaughn Rockwell Edewards weighs 7lbs 15 ounces, and was born at 2:16 am on Wednesday, September 24th sharing the date with Grandma Pam and big sister Jordyn. 
  Praise the Lord for He is good! We are ecstatic to welcome the little dude and to report he is a California kid even if he was delivered in the great white north. All are welcome to visit and hold him while he's hot. Grandma Jan was there with mommy and daddy to witness the little miracle and is staying the night at mommy's bedside while daddy goes home to get the big kids (lucy is now in that group) ready to visit the noobie.
  Much love, The Edewards Six

Monday, September 22, 2008

Quack Quack

As this pregnancy drags on I find myself very anxious, housebound and my patience seems to be non-existent. So the other day when I could not stand all the phone calls asking how I was doing and the whiny children, I had Aaron load everyone into the car (a task in itself these days for me) and we went to feed the ducks. It is something I have been wanting to take Lucy to do for a long time. She loves ducks, rubber and stuffed at least, and I wanted to let her meet a real live duck. She loved them. She ran around for quite a while, arms outstretched, yelling "Heaby!" That is something she has picked up in the last month or so. I started saying, "OH, you're so heavy" when I pick her up so now it is what she says when she wants up or wants to pick something up. She finally gave up on catching one and went to feeding them. She liked throwing it in the water to them the best.

Here We Go!
Let me at 'em!

I realize there is a mass in the corner of this photo. Can you guess what that is?