Monday, September 22, 2008

Quack Quack

As this pregnancy drags on I find myself very anxious, housebound and my patience seems to be non-existent. So the other day when I could not stand all the phone calls asking how I was doing and the whiny children, I had Aaron load everyone into the car (a task in itself these days for me) and we went to feed the ducks. It is something I have been wanting to take Lucy to do for a long time. She loves ducks, rubber and stuffed at least, and I wanted to let her meet a real live duck. She loved them. She ran around for quite a while, arms outstretched, yelling "Heaby!" That is something she has picked up in the last month or so. I started saying, "OH, you're so heavy" when I pick her up so now it is what she says when she wants up or wants to pick something up. She finally gave up on catching one and went to feeding them. She liked throwing it in the water to them the best.

Here We Go!
Let me at 'em!

I realize there is a mass in the corner of this photo. Can you guess what that is?


JPB said...

Where is that? Not the same feed the ducks place we used to go, I see. Unless they've built houses.

Jen said...

How sweet that Vaughn wanted to be in the picture!