Friday, September 26, 2008

My Birthday Present

Look What I Got!?;(
My little girl turned 8 on September 24, 2008, the same day her little brother chose to grace us with his presence. Poor Jordyn. She tried so hard to be excited but deep down in her heart she was a little disappointed and concerned that her birthday would no longer be special. She also shares it with her Grandma Pam (not as intimidating). She was treated like a princess this year. Grandma Jan bought her horseback riding lessons and Daddy took her horseback riding on the beach. She got to choose where she wanted to go to breakfast and what she wanted for dinner. So she was happy. Sharing with Vaughn doesn't seem as bad as it did the day of. So Happy Belated Birthday Jordyn.


Sheri said...

I understand that it would be hard to share birthdays for the birthday people. It will take a little imagination on the bystanders to make each feel "special". But what a great present for this year! (the brother, I mean. But the horse riding lesson and beach ride wasn't too bad either!!!)

JPB said...

She got shafted out of her birthday!!! What kind of messed up universe IS this anyway!!!

Mainely Me said...

I still say it's double the fun.

JPB said...

Double the fun, pish. It's at least 3/4 the fun for each. :-)

Wait ... I'm not helping, am I?