Wednesday, May 12, 2010


How long do you cook a baby bunny?

This afternoon I was sitting at the computer and kept hearing a banging noise. I knew all the kids were outside or sleeping so I got up to investigate. I went into the kitchen and heard it again, only it was not coming from the kitchen as I had thought. It was in the dining room and coming from Lucy's play kitchen. Tucked inside the microwave was one of the 7 21/2 week old baby bunnies. Apparantly Lucy put it there earlier this morning when she went to go potty, then we went to town and what 3 year old would remember her baking bunny after a ong grocery trip. Next time you go to prepare a bunny remember, it may take all day. We returned him to his brothers and sisters of course. Lucy insisted he WAS NOT FOR DINNER.

Here are a few more shots of the babies. This one fromwhen they were about 5 days old.

Here are three of Jackon's favorites at about 10 days old.

And Lucy with two more.

Trying to juggle a couple more. Baby bunnies are about the cutest little things. And if anyone is interested we need to slim down our herd.