Sunday, July 26, 2009

Vaughn 10 Months Old

Just a few pictures of Sweet Vaughnie Boy. This is about a month old and some new ones are to come. Kind of forgot about my blog in all the hustle and bustle of the summer months. I have so many pictures to put up and will do so as time allows. School starts in one day. Yikes.

My Blue Eyed Guys Hangin' Out

This is the look on Vaughn's face most of the time. Happy, Happy, Happy.
All Boy. Has to know how everything works and love it when things are running and loud.
Rock ON!


Last night on our way home from a Corvallis Knights Baseball game we spotted smoke coming from a building. We called 911 at 9:42 but by the time the fire department arrived the billowing black smoke monster had grown into a fiery demon. We watched as the ladder trucks shot 3600 gallons per minute into the mouth of the monster but in the end water really was no match for fire. The building was devastated. This building was home to the Farmers and Prudential insurance agencies and was located on 9th street between Conifer and Walnut. As devastating as it was to the building I have to say, it was pretty amazing to watch. The kids sat in awe until 11:00 when all the flames were gone and just a few puffs of steam rose from the rubble. A great lesson in why we NEVER play with fire. (Hint, hint Daddy.)

These last three shots with the fire fighters are my favorite ones.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Mutant in the Garden

It is always fun to go out into the garden and pick your dinner. Last night we had roasted game hens with garden potatoes, garden onions and garden carrots. Take a look at our beautiful harvest. Needless to say I was surprised to pull up this one. Pure white. Of course I went right to the internet to search for my rare find and see if this would finally put us in the millionaire bracket. Bummer, just a mixed up seed. It was fun anyway. The kids got a kick out of it and to my surprise, it tasted just like an orange carrot. 

Vaughn's New Teeth

Teething time. You wake up in the morning one day just like the day before, toothless and gumming everything. Then...
Oh the pain of cutting that first tooth, especially when daddy wants to take a picture to show the whole world.
 "Guy dad, just leave me alone!"
It's in there and I can bite hard. Just ask Lucy, Jackson and Jordyn. 
Before you know it you are flashing those pearly whites to the whole world.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Were to start????

I have so many great things to write about so you all are just going to have to bear with me wile I catch up. My photos go clear back to Mothers Day so I will start there. I had a great day. Started off the morning with the best hugs from my little boy who is such a little lover. So content and happy all the time and man does he love his mommy! We went to church and it was my turn to work in the nursery, but what better place to be on Mother's Day. After church, Aaron took me and my mom and dad to a wonderful brunch where I ate way too much of the spectacular food. It was amazing.
We came home and I got to relax with all my babies on the hammock. Not quite still enough to go to sleep but we can pretend we got a good nap, right? Look at Jackson. Not fooling anyone but he tried his hardest.

Lucy wanted to be Mommy. Guess she wanted some pampering too.

Vaughn was the spoiled winner. An outdoor bath. So refreshing. I don't think I could have gotten away with it. Only naked baby buns are cute outdoors.

So happy...
...until Lucy crashed the party...

...and decided it wasn't worth the fight and the smiles quickly returned.

Thanks to my 4 wonderful children I feel loved, cherished, needed and adored in only the way a mother can. The pure, honest, innocent love of my children. No words can describe.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Back in the Saddle Just in Time for the 4TH

I can blog again. My computer is still broken but Aaron was able to get the software on his computer that would allow me to use my pictures again. In my opinion, what good is a blog without photos? That's what I want to see when I look at other blogs. So, since it has been so long I decided to start with the most current events and work my way back in time as I have the time. I have so many things to share. It has been so long.

We started the 4TH off with a bang. FIREWORKS PANCAKES. Pancakes with a relighting sparkler candle and red, white and blue sprinkles on top. Funny to watch but as you will hear Aaron say, "I Don't think Lucy is ready for tricks." She just wanted her yummy breakfast and did not want to wait for her candle to light again, putting fire back in the way of eating her pancakes.

After our exciting breakfast the kids got all dressed up (the girls in their dresses I whipped out the night before) for the 3rd Annual Adair Village Parade. Last year Jordyn was the beautiful Miss Adair but with the sale of the Porsche we were left without a convertible to ride in, Boo-hoo. So Aaron had to make it even more spectacular and decided to build a float. The 2009 Adair Rodeo. Jordyn was the Beautiful Rodeo Queen, Jackson the Bull Riding Champ, Lucy the Junior Princess and Vaughn bounced along on his Rody Horse loving every minute of it. We had a lot of fun waving to the small crowds and tossing candy, some of which ended up in our mouths instead of in the hands of the onlookers. The parade was led by the new Chief of Police of Adair Village, followed by the childrens bicycle group, three floats and the Adair volunteer fire department trucks. Jordyn was dissapointed that there were no horses this year. Someday we will have to do something about that for our horse-crazy cowgirl.
From the parade we went to a birthday party for Jake (a nephew/cousin) at the park. Uncle JJ introduced all the children to Red Rover. Even after the clotheslining, flipping over, falling down, jerked arms and nearly dislocated elbow everyone seemed to enjoy the game and wanted to play again sometime.

We wrapped up the night with foreworks in downtown Corvallis, a long standing tradition. Out with a Bang.