Sunday, July 12, 2009

Were to start????

I have so many great things to write about so you all are just going to have to bear with me wile I catch up. My photos go clear back to Mothers Day so I will start there. I had a great day. Started off the morning with the best hugs from my little boy who is such a little lover. So content and happy all the time and man does he love his mommy! We went to church and it was my turn to work in the nursery, but what better place to be on Mother's Day. After church, Aaron took me and my mom and dad to a wonderful brunch where I ate way too much of the spectacular food. It was amazing.
We came home and I got to relax with all my babies on the hammock. Not quite still enough to go to sleep but we can pretend we got a good nap, right? Look at Jackson. Not fooling anyone but he tried his hardest.

Lucy wanted to be Mommy. Guess she wanted some pampering too.

Vaughn was the spoiled winner. An outdoor bath. So refreshing. I don't think I could have gotten away with it. Only naked baby buns are cute outdoors.

So happy...
...until Lucy crashed the party...

...and decided it wasn't worth the fight and the smiles quickly returned.

Thanks to my 4 wonderful children I feel loved, cherished, needed and adored in only the way a mother can. The pure, honest, innocent love of my children. No words can describe.

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pam/mom said...

I agree whole heartedly. How sweet they all look. WHat a prvilege to be a mom!