Friday, July 30, 2010

First Official Haircut

Waiting for pizzas to be made at the local take 'n' bake, daddy got the idea to take Vaughnie for his first haircut at the barbershop next door. Vaughn felt the idea was without merit. A discussion ensued and while the little V looks very distinguished with his new 'do, he is not speaking with his father. I think this picture says it all:

Take Your Son to Work Day

Since Aaron has some pretty cool clients, like a helicopter charter service, a gun dealer and his own company's comic book printing service, take your son to work day has a tendency to be more like a trip to wonderland than a glimpse of the working man's world.
Jackson got to go with daddy on Friday and had a pretty good time sitting in giant Sikorski helicopters, trainers, and Cessnas and watching jets and stunt planes takeoff, but his favorite experience was watching his very own comic book being printed, cut, folded and bound on the machines at the office. These smiles and memories will last a lifetime as will the unrealistic expectations when it comes to choosing a career.
Thanks Daddy!

Piloting a Marine Helicopter (one of the last ones out in 1975)

This Firefighting Sikorski Helicopter drops 1500 gallons of water and surfactant on forest fires

Jackson has decided to buy this one since it will hold his whole family (as it stand today)