Saturday, October 25, 2008

Four Beautiful Babies

I love it when you get a shot where every one looks great. I have found it harder and harder the more kids you we add to the equation. Daddy doesn't mind acting silly to try to get everyone looking the same direction. He did a great job this time.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Our trip to the zoo.......interrupted!

Yesterday we went to Portland to pick up Auntie Amy who flew in from Orange County to visit. We decided to make a day of it and go to the zoo. Jackson has been begging to go to the zoo and since we were close we decided it would be a good time to go. We picked up Auntie Amy around 11:00 and headed to the zoo. I had packed a nice lunch to save on the cost of the trip so we went in and sat at the first table we found after purchasing our tickets. Jackson finished his lunch first and we let him play around where we were eating. We had not even finished our lunch when we heard a "THUD!" and then Jackson scream. He had tried to slide down a hand rail and fell right on his head. So half of us got to enjoy the zoo while the other half explored the emergency room at St. Vincent's Children's Hospital in Portland. 

Waiting for the Nurse. Thank goodness for a good book and a good Daddy.

The nurse arrives and bandages the head with some numbing gel.

Looking a little like Rambo

Cartoons to help pass the time while waiting for the doctor.

The finished product. A gouge that was about half inch long and that deep all stapled back together. We were told staples leave a bigger scar than stitches but stitches require a shaved head. Was there really a question as to what choice would be made? How could we get rid of those beautiful blonde locks? 
Jackson was fine and dandy and didn't even shed a tear. He was all ready to go to AWANA when we got home from Portland, bloody hair and all (can't get the area where the staples are wet for 24 hours) He was such a trooper. He was really only worried about when we could go back to the zoo to use our free tickets and his special zoo key that the zoo manager gave him after his fall. Hopefully we can make it back up there soon and have some pix to show that are more enjoyable. 

Friday, October 10, 2008

Favorite September Photos

Too many of my favorites to pass up. I thought I would post some of them for all to see. Enjoy.

Perfect little feet. 10 toes, so tiny and cute.
My big, little girl trying to push her brother and sister. So independent but yet so needy.
Tiny hands and tiny ponies at play.
Just like Mommy
One of the fun parts of home schooling. Jordyn gets to read her book and have her hair done at the same time.
Soccer Buddies
When the dog won't move out of your planting spot, just bury him.
Lucy watches pretty closely what the older two kids are doing in school. She goes about her own business but is listening while she plays. Last week I caught her a few times repeating what Jackson's teacher said on the dvd's. She was making the b sound and singing his songs. Pretty cute. She also steals pencils any chance she gets and colors on any paper that is in her reach. 
Couch full of fun
Daddy's glasses make me look smart.

Pile up on the slide

The boys
Rib night at the Edewards'
Watching his school dvd
Oh the fun of fine hair
All wrapped up in the hospital. I had the nurses show me the wrap so many times and I never could get my babies wrapped up like they do. Vaughn actually prefers to sprawl out in bed.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Vaughnie Boy - 2 weeks old

Hard to believe that two weeks ago God brought this little boy into our lives and captured our hearts. He is growing so fast. I had him to the doctor yesterday and he already weighs 
8 lb 10 oz. He weighed 7 lb 9 oz when we left the hospital. Great weight gain. He sleeps good and eats well (every three hours). I would like to be getting a little more sleep but those days are to come. For now I am just enjoying my little baby and all the other ones too.

This picture shows the somber side of Vaughn. There is something about his mouth that makes him look like he is always smiling. I caught him deep in thought.

My little man all dressed up for library story hour. We took all 4 kids to listen to stories and check out new books. I planned on going every week but I have only made it once since we started school. Just gotta let it go sometimes.
These jeans he is wearing actually fit perfectly. I have never seen a smaller pair of jeans. I got these for Jordyn when she was born. They have been through 6 children now, but how do you wear out jeans on a 2 week old child?
Enough already mom. Put down the camera and feed me!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Another busy weekend

This weekend was spent running around to different events. On Friday Janine hosted a Celebration of Life Dinner in honor of Vaughn. It was so much fun. The video at the beginning of the slideshow is very poor quality but will give you a little glimpse of what it is like when I get together with both of my sisters and their families. There are 11 children all together.

Saturday began with soccer games.

After soccer we headed to Salem to go to the Gilbert House Children's Museum. It was free for all Corvallis residents. Thank you to all who post great deals on the home school websight. We had a great time. I did not realize that Mr. Gilbert invented the erector set along with a whole bunch of other cool stuff.

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Sunday, October 5, 2008

For Grampy

Such a beautiful sight. We just had to stop and watch the logs go by. Lucy decided it was too loud and she stayed in the car and watched.