Thursday, October 9, 2008

Vaughnie Boy - 2 weeks old

Hard to believe that two weeks ago God brought this little boy into our lives and captured our hearts. He is growing so fast. I had him to the doctor yesterday and he already weighs 
8 lb 10 oz. He weighed 7 lb 9 oz when we left the hospital. Great weight gain. He sleeps good and eats well (every three hours). I would like to be getting a little more sleep but those days are to come. For now I am just enjoying my little baby and all the other ones too.

This picture shows the somber side of Vaughn. There is something about his mouth that makes him look like he is always smiling. I caught him deep in thought.

My little man all dressed up for library story hour. We took all 4 kids to listen to stories and check out new books. I planned on going every week but I have only made it once since we started school. Just gotta let it go sometimes.
These jeans he is wearing actually fit perfectly. I have never seen a smaller pair of jeans. I got these for Jordyn when she was born. They have been through 6 children now, but how do you wear out jeans on a 2 week old child?
Enough already mom. Put down the camera and feed me!


Sheri said...

What do babies think about anyway?!!
Very cute pictures. I can hardly believe he's 2 weeks old already, savor the days...

I love the jeans!

The Six of Us said...

I only wish I knew wait babies think about. Ask Noah. Oh wait. He's a baby too!

So So sweet!~ We love you Vaughn!

Melinda said...

Joy, he's beautiful!! Congratulations!! I can't believe I didn't find your blog sooner!! Hopefully we can catch up soon!! God bless :)