Thursday, October 16, 2008

Our trip to the zoo.......interrupted!

Yesterday we went to Portland to pick up Auntie Amy who flew in from Orange County to visit. We decided to make a day of it and go to the zoo. Jackson has been begging to go to the zoo and since we were close we decided it would be a good time to go. We picked up Auntie Amy around 11:00 and headed to the zoo. I had packed a nice lunch to save on the cost of the trip so we went in and sat at the first table we found after purchasing our tickets. Jackson finished his lunch first and we let him play around where we were eating. We had not even finished our lunch when we heard a "THUD!" and then Jackson scream. He had tried to slide down a hand rail and fell right on his head. So half of us got to enjoy the zoo while the other half explored the emergency room at St. Vincent's Children's Hospital in Portland. 

Waiting for the Nurse. Thank goodness for a good book and a good Daddy.

The nurse arrives and bandages the head with some numbing gel.

Looking a little like Rambo

Cartoons to help pass the time while waiting for the doctor.

The finished product. A gouge that was about half inch long and that deep all stapled back together. We were told staples leave a bigger scar than stitches but stitches require a shaved head. Was there really a question as to what choice would be made? How could we get rid of those beautiful blonde locks? 
Jackson was fine and dandy and didn't even shed a tear. He was all ready to go to AWANA when we got home from Portland, bloody hair and all (can't get the area where the staples are wet for 24 hours) He was such a trooper. He was really only worried about when we could go back to the zoo to use our free tickets and his special zoo key that the zoo manager gave him after his fall. Hopefully we can make it back up there soon and have some pix to show that are more enjoyable. 


Janine the Bean said...

Oh no!!

Poor Jack. Looks like he handled it well.

Next time, take me to the zoo (though I kinda live in my own personal zoo).

JPB said...

hang in there Jackson, when you're old and bald it will be a cool story to tell!

The Six of Us said...

Aww...too bad!

At least he got an adventure and a story to tell out of the trip!

Sheri said...

Staples?...Ouch!!! You're a braver man than me, Jackson!