Friday, October 10, 2008

Favorite September Photos

Too many of my favorites to pass up. I thought I would post some of them for all to see. Enjoy.

Perfect little feet. 10 toes, so tiny and cute.
My big, little girl trying to push her brother and sister. So independent but yet so needy.
Tiny hands and tiny ponies at play.
Just like Mommy
One of the fun parts of home schooling. Jordyn gets to read her book and have her hair done at the same time.
Soccer Buddies
When the dog won't move out of your planting spot, just bury him.
Lucy watches pretty closely what the older two kids are doing in school. She goes about her own business but is listening while she plays. Last week I caught her a few times repeating what Jackson's teacher said on the dvd's. She was making the b sound and singing his songs. Pretty cute. She also steals pencils any chance she gets and colors on any paper that is in her reach. 
Couch full of fun
Daddy's glasses make me look smart.

Pile up on the slide

The boys
Rib night at the Edewards'
Watching his school dvd
Oh the fun of fine hair
All wrapped up in the hospital. I had the nurses show me the wrap so many times and I never could get my babies wrapped up like they do. Vaughn actually prefers to sprawl out in bed.


Paul & Beth said...

Love "those precious feet"; pictures of hands and feet are some of my favorites! Also Luci's static hair...I have felt like that lately, since the weather has changed...only it's not so cute!

Sheri said...

Adorable pictures. What a fun family!

JPB said...

Lots of nice shots!