Monday, September 29, 2008

Lucy-too cute to be missed

Sometimes really cute photos get missed. As I was looking back over September, there were some of Lucy that I just had to put up.

BBQ rib night samples from Grampy
Laying in Baby Vaughn's hospital bassinet
I know, I know. Everyone has a bad hair day once in a while.
Look at my Pony slippers
A little dirt never hurt anyone
Too good to leave a single drop


Amy said...

i can't wait to hang out with that little one! it's good to finally see you in some pics sis! i miss you and can't wait to hang out with you! :)

The Six of Us said...

We love you Lucy! You are still our baby girl!

Janine the Bean said...

The look on her face when she's holding Vaughn is classic Lucy. Ah, what a girl you are Lucille.