Monday, September 29, 2008

The First Few Days With Vaughn Rockwell Edewards

Loving Four Children:

Love is patient... when all four children are crying
Love is kind... when teaching the hard lessons to learn
Love is not rude... in training the children together
Love is not self-seeking... in the choices we make for them
Love is not easily angered... when the little ones sin
Love keeps no record of wrongs... at all
Love rejoices in the truth... when they choose wisely
Love always protects... from the things of this world
Love always trusts... that God is in charge
Love always hopes... that our training will lead them to the Lord
Love always perseveres... when hormones are raging and Vaughn is crying and Lucy is destroying the house and Jackson is fighting with the neighbor boy and Jordyn won't quit asking for whatever she has already asked for 10 times today!!!!!!


Amy said...

i love the pictures! keep em coming! that one of lucy holding vaughn is so cute. it looks like she's a little hesitant with this new guy :)

Mainely Me said...

Thank you! I got such a brief time with him that I really needed the update. I love the way his hair shines:)And did you do the I Cor. 13 application? Raising children has the potential to really grow us up, doesn't it? The truth we've learned is turned into tests of acting on what we say we believe on a daily basis, times over!
Kisses and hugs to the four grands.