Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Missing in action!

Like Jodi I have been busily preparing for home schooling and have not had a lot of time to devote to blogging. We had our first day of school today, Jordyn in third grade and Jackson in Kindergarten. Lucy really enjoyed Jackson's DVD's with all the singing and she even joined in on learning the short sound I makes. She was saying the sound and pointing to her mouth like the teacher on the tv. It was pretty fun to see her doing it. Jackson did pretty good. It is a little hard to get his attention focused on things that he really doesn't want to do but he settled in and actually enjoyed parts. His only takes about 1 1/2 hours to complete. Jordyn did great. She wanted to power thru without too many breaks so she could be done and spend the rest of the day.  She will spend between 3 and 4 hours doing school and a little more on homework. Makes me wonder why schools are in session 8 hours a day. I just have to keep telling my self "I can and will do this." I think as time goes by it will become easier. I am hoping to take a little time off when the baby comes. Hopefully any day now. Maybe the trampoline jumping will help work him out :)
First day of school breakfast
My big third grader
My little kindergartner
Trying to involve Lucy. She did great until she decided to eat the paint. Then we were all done.

This is just for fun!


Mainely Me said...

Off and running, with home school and those boots!

The Six of Us said...

You can do it Joy!!! Good luck finishing up the week.

Is that song for Vaughn? (sp?)

Sheri said...

It says alot about you girls homeschooling experience with your Mom that you all want to do it! You must have been a great teacher, Jan! You'll do great, Joy!

JPB said...

Great video!

And God be with you starting out homeschooling all three at once.

We have friends who have a son who seems a lot like Jackson, in terms of really being able to focus on those things he's invested in but not so much the other things. It was a chore with homeschool. But maybe you can save him from this:

There is a way to do a kind of 'project based education,' or at least wrap it into what your doing that allows a child so directed to learn things in reference to their own interests. It might be worth thinking about, though it takes more creativity and cross-disciplinary thinking.

Janine the Bean said...


We're all in it together with this homeschooling thing. I'm here for you if you need a listening ear (or a hand or two...if I have one free).

And the Boots song made me laugh. The next Janis Joplin is in the making here. Who redid the song?