Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Guess Who

My two little girls in the same dress, on the same stool, in the same back yard at 13 months old. You can sure tell they are related. What a couple of cuties!


Jan said...

Where did the time go? I remember going into the house for the stool to put Jordyn on! And now, there's little Lucy. Their noses look so similar. What fun.

Jodi said...

Makes me miss the "Jordy days." They are both so special to me.

Paul & Beth said...

How precious is that! Beautiful picture taking, Joy!


JPB said...

Cuties! Can't wait to meet Lucy.

Janine the Bean said...

I remember the "Jordy days" too. When she was the focus of ALL of our attention and we fought over who got to take her out or babysit. :)

Now she's stuck in the mess of all the boys.

You should post some of the other shots you took of Lucy. You had some great ones in your Kodak Gallery.