Sunday, January 25, 2009

Where do I start? Why not yesterday!

It has been so long since my last blog I do not know where to start. My computer locked me out of my photo storage area and I just got it fixed this week so now I need to do some catching up. Thought I would go back and detail our extended trip to California but I think I will start in the now. Vaughnie turned 4 months old yesterday. I would have posted this yesterday but my camera would not let me upload photos. So after a few hours of work I finally got everything in order to sit down and do a post while all the kids are napping and Aaron is busy watching Rambo.

Vaughn Rockwell Edewards 4 Months old

Vaughn is my handsome little man, as you can see. He is such a joy to be around, smiles all the time. Lately I change his clothing about 4 times a day because he is a drooling faucet, a drip that just can't be turned off. To magnify the drooling issue he learned how to blow bubbles this week. Spit flies all over the place and the other three kids get a huge kick out of it. Good thing Grandma Pam gave him lots and lots of clothing. 

Vaughn rolled over for the first time 2 days ago. All the sudden my heart sank as I realized, "I am about to have four mobile children!" I already find myself running in three directions at the same time. Can I possible go in four directions at the same time? I had to remind myself that mothers are really super heroes in disguise. 

Back to Vaughn. He is my biggest baby yet, tipping the scales at 16lbs, 10 oz. I sometimes forget that he is still so young. Janine was baby sitting all 4 of my kids, thanks Janine, and she was holding Vaughn during dinner. She subconsciously started feeding him bits of food. JJ brought it to her attention and she realized that he was still too little. Kinda funny. He gets mistaken for a 6 or 7 month old quite often. 

He loves his swing and is starting to sit in the bumbo. Still quite useful even though it is pink. When you have a little girl everyone thinks pink. Poor little Vaughn gets the hand-me-downs because Mommy will not buy new things in blue. Maybe he will be in touch with his feminine side. JK. 

We love him very much and feel like he completes our little family. 


Mainely Me said...

Thanks for the update! He has really changed in two months. Can't wait to sit and chat with him face to face as opposed to on the phone.
I still can't believe I thought Lucy was Jordyn when she said "Hi, Grammy" the other day.

Aaron and Joy Edewards said...

They are both really changing right now. Can't wait to have you guys back home. SOON!

Janine the Bean said...

Oh I love that second shot with the spit bubble!


We love you little Vaughn.

Amy said...

he is so beautiful! i wish you guys were still here. miss you sis! thanks for sharing the pictures. :)

pam/mom said...

I am learning that there are TWO writers in the Aaron Edewards family! Re: Vaughnie's size: hmmm, wonder where he got that!? What a precious! We can't wait to see ALL of you in April.