Thursday, March 19, 2009

Just Add Water

The weather was enjoyable yesterday so I met a friend at the park close to our house. All the usual park things happening: flying in the swings, teeter totter, slides.
Lucy's first ride on a big swing.
Woops! Good thing mommy was there.
Vaughn's first ride in a park swing. Loving it!
Lucy thinks he is having more fun than her so she decides to join in. Vaughn just goes with the flow as usual.

Look at that sly little smile. What is she thinking?
Jordyn and Lucy flirting with Austin.
My girls enjoying the merry-go-round.
"Mommy, I"M ALL WET!" Lucy led the pack into the water. Once they saw Lucy was not going to get in trouble it was on. They spent probably an hour wading, fishing, stirring and splashing in the muddy water. Their boots couldn't even protect their feet from that kind of abuse.

Lucy won the dirtiest hiney award. Thanks to Grandma Pam, Lucy's wardrobe is extensive enough that these pants just found their way to the dumpster. There was no hope for them ever looking nice again. I may be the queen of stain removal but I know when I am outmatched. 
Home we go. Lucy had to walk because I wasn't about to put her in the Phil and Ted stroller to drip her yuckiness on her nice clean baby brother who rides under her. It took a long time to get home. She was exploring every yard we passed. 


pam/mom said...

That was so fun to see. Look out world - here comes Lucy! What a country girl she is!

Amy said...

it's official, i have the CUTEST nieces and nephews EVER. sorry everyone else but it's true.

JPB said...

What a load of fun! I think I've about got to do some kind of dirt romping today ... if it's warm enough.

Jen said...

You are such a awesome mom. I looked at those pictures and immediately thought of all the laundry. Help! I'm becoming a grouchy old hag! I've been telling my kids they can only play on the sidewalk. :-(

Sheri said...

I'm with Jen. I love how you girls are so free with your kids getting dirty. I wished I could have done it over until I had Jake and Max for the couple weeks and THEN I realized I'm just not like sad for my kids :(