Saturday, April 11, 2009

Fun at McFadden Farm

Did you know heaven is just at the edge of Corvallis? Well, if you are an eight year old girl who dreams of living on a farm filled with horses then heaven isn't too far from home. I don't think I have ever seen a person more horse crazy than Jordyn. Just mention a horse and she gets all excited. McFadden Farm is an historic farm right on the boundary of the Corvallis city limits. It is beautiful and one of Jordyn's favorite places to visit.  It is home to some retired race horses and mustangs, beautiful old barns, a clubhouse full of artifacts, and did I mention horses.  Sunday we visited (again) and we all had a great time. Jordyn loved on every horse that would come close. She has no fear of them and they seem to trust her. Funny how animals know who loves them. 


Amy said...

that's my jordy girl! horse lover extraordinair.

JPB said...

Hmmm ... never been there. Maybe next time.

pam/mom said...

We didn't get to see this farm. Next time. I want to see Jordie ride!