Thursday, February 19, 2009


A huge task: Keeping 4 children interested in the Bible story when you cram them all on one couch next to each other. It is a good thing Daddy was so into the story. He didn't even notice that they were all focused on things other than the Bible story. Jackson would have been in deep doo-doo had he been caught reading something else. (Postcard from grandma in his hands.) Lucy may actually be paying attention. that would be a first since she is usually the one doing all the distracting.
JORDYN: This morning I asked Jordyn to take Vaughn back to the bathroom and get him undressed for a bath. I walked in and she had a funny look on her face as she was taking off Vaughn's shirt. I asked her what was wrong and she said, "Vaughn smells like a hamster, (trying to be kind) or maybe that's the toilet." I felt so bad that I had not bathed Vaughn 2 days ago when he needed it and was too embarrassed to admit that it had to be the baby because the toilet was cleaned this morning. So I just kept my mouth shut. Hey, toilet cleaning was on my list, baby cleaning wasn't! He is all clean and smells like roses now though. 
JACKSON: "Mom, if I was going to be president I think I would make my name President Elect ORock-star Jackson!"
LUCY: "Markers, NO, NO :(" This is something I think I hear everyday. Seems like no matter where I hide them, how many times I put them up, how hard I try to keep gates closed and access to where there just might be a marker lurking, Lucy finds them. First she writes all over her hands, feet and face then moves on to whatever else looks like a fresh canvas. When I catch her the lip goes out and the tears start to the tune of her saying "markers, no, no." She knows what has to happen for disobeying. I keep thinking she will learn that markers are just off limits. We all have our sins that we just can't seem to say no, no to forever. 
Wall art above Daddy's pillow
A little color added to Jackson's desk
This was a doozie of a face paint job. Don't worry though. Thanks to my sister Janine (who made this discovery after Lucy used permanent marker to decorate her dry erase board) I learned that toothpaste takes sharpie off almost anything. What can that mean for your teeth?
VAUGHN: Just a bundle of smiles and drool all wrapped up in a squeezable little body :) 


Amy said...

the one of lucy with sharpie all over her face kills me! i totally started laughing out loud. :)

Sheri said...

Soooooo cute - everyone of them. Whether they listen or not, Daddy reading to them is a good thing....

Mainely Me said...

On the reading thing.. my guess is that they are hearing more than you think, and if nothing else they are learning that it is important enough for Daddy to take time to read it to them. Great photos and a little peek into everyday life, which is what we live: life day by day, the good & the bad, minute by minute, and it goes SO FAST! Keep enjoying the minutes and life will be good.

JPB said...

Thank God Nora did her little art experiment reading using pencils. But ... use them she did.

pam/mom said...

How can you stifle creativity like that? I noticed she uses different markers each time. She does have her style. Love the photo of the five on the sofa. Yeah, I agree even if they don't look like they are hearing, they hear. When do we get to see mommy?