Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Lucy's new discovery

"This noisy, attention grabbing little wiggly thing that invaded my house and home a few months ago isn't so bad after all. He is a great playmate or plaything. Way better then the stuffed babies that just flop around and don't respond to the things going on around them. Vaughn isn't so bad after all. I think he might just be ok."

"Vaughnie too fat!"

"Mom, you can't be serious! A pink Bumbo is bad enough but I have to be a part of this tea party too."
"Vaughnie, open up."
"Drink some more." Not only was Vaughn a good sport, he actually seemed to be enjoying himself. He loved chewing on the spoon and grabbing for Lucy's hand to put it in his mouth.


Amy said...

oh! my! gosh! these are so cute i can barely stand it. it must be so fun to see them play together. can wait to see it for my self!! love and miss you sis!

pam/mom said...

The cutest thing ever! Oh that they would always be such good friends! He is getting to be such a big boy!

THanks for "inviting" us to the tea party.

The Six of Us said...

Aww...They'll be friends before ya know it!

I love the last one!

Janine the Bean said...

I love his chubbiness stuffed into the stroller. Awesome.

What a fun tea party!