Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentines Day Memories

Though it was not a romantic day for two in Hawaii, or even in Corvallis for that matter, my Valentines Day was filled with memory making, fun moments. Aaron woke me with a beautiful, sweet card. I made the kids heart shaped pancakes with chocolate chips and whip cream. Yummy! Their place at the table was decorated with baloons and a chocolate surprise. The rest of the day was filled with running Jordyn and Jackson back and forth to church for AWANA games and Bible quizzing practice. Saturdays until March are filled with a lot of running around in preparation for the big event. Aaron spent most of the day shuttling the bigger kids while I stayed with the little kids. I was making lunch and Lucy came running to the kitchen yelling, "Mama, look at Vaughnie!" Of course I hurdled the baby gate as fast as possible (brought back memories of high school as I sailed over smoothly) thinking she had done something horrible to him. Look what I found.

She continued to find new ways to balance the turtle (naked turtle as Jackson calls him since he lost his shell) on Vaughn. They both seemed to be having a wonderful time. Lucy was trying to kiss Vaughn's head here but didn't quite get her aim right. Poor naked turtle.
We opted for a quiet dinner at home so Aaron got king crab legs and made his famous crab cakes. Dinner was to die for. The company was more then we planned on though. Lucy either got into my caffeine filled soda or smelled the crab because she was up not more than 15 minutes after we put her to bed to enjoy our dinner sans kids. Crab is her favorite. She is not so sure of the pinchers. 

We enjoyed the rest of our evening just the two of us. There is always time for romantic dinners and tropical Valentines days when the kids are all grown up, but they are not little for long. 


JPB said...

The turtle's a bit perverse... I'm not sure what I could imagine that she could do to him grosser than putting a naked turtle on his face.

But there are things that could be more life threatening.

What would a turtle look like if you surgically removed it's shell, I wonder?

Amy said...

she cracks me up! i love how she interacts with him :)

i'm glad you two had some time your yourselves. :) sounds like a really good valentines.

pam/mom said...

You guys got it right! Love the descriptions, Joy, especially visualizing you leaping over the baby gate. Lucy is talking in long sentences! Way too advanced!

The Six of Us said...

Thanks for that song on an incredibly long day with "littles"