Friday, November 21, 2008

Favorite Photo Friday

This is the winner this week. I love the photo but am so excited that Lucy is very interested in the potty. Yeah! So, call me crazy but I have been letting her go around naked bottom (or just naked) to potty train her. We now have a potty in our living room because the trek to the bathroom was too far. Here is the scene: Lucy (nude) walking around playing with baby, all of the sudden out of the blue, "Pee, Pee, Mommy!" a few drips running down her leg. Me "Wait, Lucy, Wait!" snatching her up and running for the bathroom. By the time we get through the baby gate, around the boxes in the hallway and over the cat that is sleeping in the doorway, I am soaked. "It's ok, Lucy. We will try again." So, that is why we have the potty in the living room and one in the kitchen. She has been going to the potty and going herself or telling me and we can actually make it to the toilet. Yesterday we only had one accident on the floor. Yeah Lucy!

Nothing like a good book to help get things moving.
"Pee, Pee Potty, Ma Ma!" 
The next few were from our walk on the river front in Albany. Oh, what fun. It was very cold though. Funny how kids don't seem to notice that their fingers are turning blue and their noses are running away from them, snot nearly freezing to their faces. 
Vaughn had it good though, all bundled up and cozy.
Like father like daughter. Just taking in the scenery.
I know Halloween is long gone but this photo never made it to the blog and I loved it.
What is your favorite?


The Six of Us said...

I LOVE the train tracks...and the potty one. Oh sweet Lucy!

JPB said...

Probably the train tracks. But I like the potty one too.

pam/mom said...

Don't ask me to choose. They are darling.

Mainely Me said...

Lucy reading, with her ankles crossed, as usual:). I love how she does that. It makes me think of my Grandma Mohler sitting in church. Being one of short legs whose feet didn't always touch the floor when she sat (familiar territory for me, she sat with her ankles crossed and swung her feet back and forth during church. I liked to sit with her. And those peppermints she kept in that little pocket under her cape were pretty good, too!