Monday, November 17, 2008

Lucy's Pockets

The swimming suit on the neck is funny but notice the bulge in the tummy? Lately Lucy has been shoving valuables down her shirt, in her pants and even in the diaper. I happened to capture this episode on camera. I guess that is one way to keep your investments safe in this horrible economy.
"Lucy, what do you have in there?"
All Full
Here is what she had stuffed down there. Turns out she had raided Jackson's Star Wars collection and was hiding them from him.

I missed an even funnier "pocket" incident. Lucy is wearing pull-ups because she is potty training and she decided to carry her little baby in her pull-up. She pulled down her pull-up, cradled the baby inside and pulled it back up leaving the babies head hanging out the back of her pull-up. I laughed so hard and of course ran for the camera. Much to my disappointment the battery was dead. Mom suggested we maker her an apron with a bunch of pockets. Probably a good idea. Who knows where she might try to stick something next. ;(


JPB said...

Well, except for the thought bubble your last pleasant comment gave me, a wonderful post!

We've never had a 'stasher.'

Amy said...

she is getting cuter and cuter!!

The Six of Us said...

Yeah...I thought it funny when she insisted in stashing the playmobil "duck" in her diaper. Silly girly

Janine the Bean said...

See how she likes it if you stash an earthworm down her shirt. ;)

No...that's mean...but might be funny!

Dom used to do this. He just used his mouth instead of his shirt though.