Sunday, June 8, 2008

For Anyone Interested!

Just to let you all know The Race Across America is in full swing and you can check out Aaron's blog posts HERE. There are alot of writers so you may have to scroll through a few. Just look for the posts by Aaron. The writers name is at the top.He is such a talented writer and I would love for this opportunity to bring him a permanent writing job. He has already picked up a small job to write an article for a magazine in Arizona. Be praying for his safety as he travels across America. Be praying for my sanity and that I will have patience with the children while my help mate and best friend is away for almost three weeks. 


Mainely Me said...

Joy, I read Aaron's posts this morning; what fun!

Edewards Family Blog said...

I wish I was with him. I want to travel and see new things.

pam/mom said...

We pray for all of you daily, but when one of you isaway - so much the more. We can tell he would rather be with you all!

Grandpa Vaughn said...

Joy, you're precious. We're praying for you and the kids. Please hang in there. Ho! we're praying for Jack's hero too. We love you and give the sweet hearts a big kiss for us. Thanks
Love ya and love those kids
Grandpa Vaughn