Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Happy Father's Day

Yes, we celebrated Father's Day early this year. Not because we don't have a calendar or anything like that but Daddy will be gone this year. Many of you already know but for those who don't, he will be flying to California this Friday to join a media team who will be covering a bicycle event called The Race Across America. They bike from Oceanside California to Maryland. Aaron will be doing the writing and blogging on their website. You can check it out at  The Race Across America for all the interesting facts and to see Aaron's blogging (He will start writing the 7th of June when the teams leave California).

We let the kids pick out Father's and Mother's day gifts by themselves (with a little shepherding in the appropriate direction). Jackson chose Indiana Jones Legos. A fun thing for both of them to do together.
Lucy gave Daddy a new cast iron frying pan (he really did make a request for one) but all she wanted to do was play with the musical card.
Kisses from Jordyn. She gave him a new wallet and 2 cds he had been wanting. 


pam/mom said...

Couldn't have a better Father's Day. A father couldn't have better kids.


Mainely Me said...

Looks like the day turned out well after all :) Love you, Aaron, and thanks for being their Daddy! I know they are all going to miss you terribly when you are on that trip. Maybe we can work towards making our paths cross in Ohio somewhere. Keep in touch!