Friday, June 20, 2008

My hubby is finally on his way home. Praise God they made it to the finish line.
Pray for his safety on the way back to SoCal and then home.
Here is a song he sent me that made me cry and cry. Said it made him think of
getting home to see me and his family.


Mainely Me said...

Well, how neat was that? I might need to add it to my Travel songs.

Janine the Bean said...

Ummm...first of all, you must check out Old Crow Medicine Show singing it. :) I have the CD. I'm sure you could find it live on YouTube though.

We heard that in concert.

I love them. IT's called "Wagon Wheel".

Janine the Bean said...

Just saw that the were given credit by whoever that dude singing it is.

You gotta hear OCMS sing it though. ;0) That hoser can't do it like they can...sorry.

J.J. said...

Here's a decent live version of it:

Janine the Bean said...

I hope I didn't sound rude. The song is great and what a sweet husband to send it to you.


You looked like a hottie on your way to pick him up. Oh boy, will he be glad to come home to THAT!