Tuesday, June 3, 2008

How precious is the life we are given!

I just heard this song today and after the song heard the news 
that his daughter died in a tragic accident last week.
I have always been a big fan of his and was greatly saddened 
by the news. It made me think that not only will our 
children grow up fast but that only God knows how 
much time we will have with them. He may want them 
with him sooner then we would ever imagine. 
Today I hugged all three of my children a little longer 
and a little tighter. How precious are these lives we 
have been given for just a little while. Enjoy every 
moment, even the bad and chaotic ones, because I 
am sure every one of us will miss even those hard 
times when our babies grow up and are gone 
from our homes to start lives of their own.
Here is a tribute to his daughter that I watched


Mainely Me said...

What can I say but "Amen". It speaks to grandparents, too.

Janine the Bean said...

I cried when I heard the news on the radio after she died. And felt much the same as you..I turned around at the stoplight and looked at my three boys.. life is precious.

Lyman Trio said...

Isaac was sitting on my lap when I pushed play for the song--he started dancing and singing... and I couldn't help but cry! Life is so precious, and I can't imagine life without this little energetic bundle of giggles.