Thursday, June 5, 2008

Just like Christmas!

I have never seen a child more happy to receive a package full of clothing then my Sweet Lu. I think she would rather have new clothes (and shoes) then toys. Thank you Grandma Pam for all the new things. 

When a box arrives:
First you unload everything and lay it out all over the floor.
Second, you look to Mommy to make sure what you have done is ok
Next you choose your favorite outfit
Then you find someone willing to help you put it on. Which may also include a lot of struggling and screaming. A models life is filled with sacrifice.
Last, but not not least, you show off your new clothes. A beautiful two piece set by Carters in a wonderful Spring yellow. 
And you pick out your next outfit to do it all over again.


Lyman Trio said...

I love watching Isaac explore something new, especially BOXES!!!

JPB said...