Saturday, June 21, 2008

Cute little words.

Jordyn and Jackson sat down to eat tonight and Lucy was running around. 
Soon I heard Jordyn yelling, "No Lucy! Stop! Sit! Stay Back!" She was after their food.
Jackson says, "Jordyn, she's a human not a dog. Just tell her to heal."
I just giggled and went and collected my little stinker. she is into everything now that she walks and climbs. This morning we had 2 spilled bowls of cereal, a glass of orange juice and two glasses of water. HELP! I need two more sets of hands and a couple more eyes.


Jen said...

Have you ever hear of lids?! Jon makes fun of me because I use lids, but I've realized I just can't handle spills, especially juice. That one sends me over the edge.

Mainely Me said...

OK, I think I may be done laughing, at least for long enough to write this. I can hear it in my mind. And then came the image of Baxter, sitting on the edges of all this, trying to follow the commands. Go get 'em, Lucy! Oh, I mean, "Heel!"

Anonymous said...

So cute! Warren and I both got a laugh out of this one!

Janine the Bean said...

You ought to teach the kids to train Lucy to "fetch." That could be useful to them.