Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Last week I  had my doctors appointment to go over the ultrasound and the doctor told me that my fluid levels were low and he wanted to do another ultrasound to make sure Vaughn was growing and that he would have enough fluid for the entire pregnancy. Of course the first thing I did was panic and look up the problem online. After reading one entry I decided that there was nothing good going to come out of reading about a bunch of babies who had died from the problem. So I decided to turn it off and just pray for peace. I read a wonderful verse and entry in My Utmost for His Highest. It was what I needed to hear. So today at the ultrasound it was wonderful news to hear everything was perfect. His heart, his lungs, his brain, his fingers and toes, his nose (which looks like Lucy's) and lips, everything! Here is a new picture of his cute little face. He was not cooperating and had both hands in front of his face. Guess he is a shy guy.

His little profile. I think his nose looks like Lucy's. Look at that beautiful hand and five little fingers!
Semi-front photo.
Here he is hiding from us. He did not cooperate for a photo from the front.


Mainely Me said...

What a wonderful surprise to get to see his little face! In the second picture his mouth looks like Jackson's. I'm just so thankful all's well; I went to Web MD and decided I didn't need to read anymore either. God is knitting him together and I don't think he drops any stitches!

pam/mom said...

Praise God for the peace that only He can give from His precious Word and for continuing to protect little Vaughn! Our God reigns!

JPB said...

Glad to hear everything is well and will pray that the fluid continues to produce.

JPB said...

He looks like he's hiding from the paparazzi!

I'm glad all is going well. I look forward to our time together next month.